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Bones Brothers
Trailer Drive

The Bones Brothers need a trailer... badly. In an effort to purchase the trailer currently being ‘loaned’ to us by Brother Scott Franz, we have decided to begin a fundraising drive to raise the $7,000 needed.
As a kick-off to this drive, The Bones Brothers will be taking orders for their superb BBQ. We are offering Brisket, Pulled Pork, Turkey Breast and Baby-back ribs, all prepared with our time-tested recipes.
The meat can be ordered by referring to the order sheet which can be seen by clicking here. If you are interested in making an order, please email the details (meat type, amount, slicing options and packaging options) to Worshipful Brother Jordy Stradtman at


"The Bones Brothers"

Are a group of Freemasons that cook traditional BBQ competitively on the KCBS and IBCA BBQ circuit.
Using the medium of BBQ, we also raise funds for charity, both Masonic and community-based.

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